Silicone Kitchen Tools – A GOOD choice to have them in your kitchen

There are different kinds of kitchen tools and utensils made from different materials like plastic, silicone, wood, stainless steel, aluminum and others. Among all of them, Silicone Kitchen Tools and Utensils have been becoming more and more popular. From Silicone Egg Beater to Silicone CupcakeMolds,kitchens of most of our friends and neighbors are filled with them. Why? What’s the magic power that these silicone tools and utensils have to firmly grab many house cooks’ hands?

As a Silicone Kitchen Tools and utensils fan user, I have been using many of these products for a long time. Here below are some using experiences I would like to share:


Silicone Kitchen Tools and Utensils are nonstick. Among all features, this is the best one I like. You can imagine how embarrassing you are when your friends and you were cooking in the kitchen and there is some stick to you wood or stainless spatula. But a Silicone Spatula will not let that happen, because, silicone cooking tools and utensils are nonstick. And since they are nonstick, it’s also very easy to wash them after using them.Cool!


QR Silicone Wristbands – A Modern Way to Keep Your Loved Ones in Touch

Have you been on a family trip with so many kids, that you worry about them getting lost and unable to tell who they are and where they live?!? Or you simply want to surprise your grandparents at home with a savvy gift that will make them look cool and trendy in the fast growing world of technology and social media? Let me introduce you to one of my friends, the QR Silicone Wristband. As you can see this nifty gadget can do some really cool stuff. It can help anyone introduce themselves by simply scanning the QR code printed on them. The QR code on the wristband can contain information that might help break the ice.

I know it’s really terrible to even imagine losing one of your kids on a family trip, but it’s always a smart to come prepared for any worst case scenario. Giving your kids one of these cool looking wristbands is like giving them IDs to wear on their wrist rather than those IDs they use to wear on their neck to school. I mean it’s much way cooler to wear a wristband than wearing a collar around my neck so that everybody can see my name written on it, right?!? Anyway when you are on a trip you always want to be careful in showing your kids names to any random strangers, so keeping it discreet is also keeping them safe. QR Silicone Wristband can hold information about the bearer like address, numbers to call or even complete profile information while keeping identities safe. So if your kids got lost, QR Silicone Wristband can help to bring them back home by letting the people assisting them scan their wristband’s QR codes.