QR Silicone Wristbands – A Modern Way to Keep Your Loved Ones in Touch

Have you been on a family trip with so many kids, that you worry about them getting lost and unable to tell who they are and where they live?!? Or you simply want to surprise your grandparents at home with a savvy gift that will make them look cool and trendy in the fast growing world of technology and social media? Let me introduce you to one of my friends, the QR Silicone Wristband. As you can see this nifty gadget can do some really cool stuff. It can help anyone introduce themselves by simply scanning the QR code printed on them. The QR code on the wristband can contain information that might help break the ice.

I know it’s really terrible to even imagine losing one of your kids on a family trip, but it’s always a smart to come prepared for any worst case scenario. Giving your kids one of these cool looking wristbands is like giving them IDs to wear on their wrist rather than those IDs they use to wear on their neck to school. I mean it’s much way cooler to wear a wristband than wearing a collar around my neck so that everybody can see my name written on it, right?!? Anyway when you are on a trip you always want to be careful in showing your kids names to any random strangers, so keeping it discreet is also keeping them safe. QR Silicone Wristband can hold information about the bearer like address, numbers to call or even complete profile information while keeping identities safe. So if your kids got lost, QR Silicone Wristband can help to bring them back home by letting the people assisting them scan their wristband’s QR codes.

QR Silicone Wristband can also help during medical emergency. Elderly people or anyone having difficulty talking during an accident unable to give health and background information can simply present the QR Silicone Wristband to the doctors and staff so medical history can easily be obtainedand appropriate emergency aid can be applied and of course people to contact in case situation like these happens. We all know vital information like blood type, age, and other health history are really needed during emergency, and with so many things going on around us, it’s no surprise that we sometimes forget those details of our love ones. QR Silicone Wristband will keep it for you.

But that’s not all QR Silicone Wristband is all about. We all know QR (Quick Response) is a code, or should we say a matrix code. Therefore it can also convey secret messages! So with that in mind, if you are that shy person to say I love you to someone, then why not try to use the band as your Trojan Horse to break through that fortified wall while keeping it techy and looking cool ?!?!… So if the Greeks where successful in conquering Troy, you could do it too! But of course with a little help from our friend and ever dependable QR Silicone Wristband instead of a wooden horse.

So be smart, be trendy, and be a little bit geeky. Show love to your family and friends, get in touch with us today, using our contact page or call us on 086-18665244556.


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